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This is the default option of the drop-down button. Select this option if the subject of your message is not in the list. I welcome any criticism, questions, and suggestions. If you just want to share your thoughts about the site, please sign the Guestbook.

Experiencing problems with the navigation, the interface or the layout of the site? Please let me know. Don't forget to include your operating system and browser version and, if possible, a screen shot.
• Language issues

I do everything in my power to avoid language and spelling errors. But nobody's perfect. I know from experience that it is much easier to detect errors in someone else's writing than in the product of your own keyboard. Should you stumble over a language or spelling error on 37 Heuvelstraat, please let me know. You'll be doing me and every visitor of the site a great service.

I've translated the English version of my site from the original Dutch myself. A native speaker, my Facebook friend
Jane Frankel from Reading (Pennsylvania), revised the translation. Thanks again, Jane! Needless to say, all remaining language or spelling errors and all other mistakes are my responsibility.
• Missing link

This site contains hundreds of internal and external hyperlinks. I've checked them all, repeatedly. Sooner or later, however, inevitably some links will expire or require updating. Notify me and I'll see to it the link is removed, updated or replaced by a link to an equivalent destination.

You should also select this option to pass on the URL of a site you think deserves to be included on the
Links page. I'll visit and evaluate the site. It should offer visitors surplus value and be at least as good as similar sites already recommended. In principle, only non-commercial sites are eligible.
• Species identification

Identifying animals, plants or fungi to species level is often very hard. Sometimes, based on nothing but a photograph, it's even impossible. I do my very best, but don't always succeed. When in doubt, I don't supply a species name but, for instance, only a genus or family name. All names and taxonomic descriptions are based on the taxonomic trees of the Belgian Species List and the Dutch Species Catalogue.

Many species do not have a common name. In that case, I provide the English name of the genus or the family they belong to.

If you see a photo on this site of an animal, plant or fungus that you think wrongly identified, please let me know. Substantiate your opinion and, if possible, provide your sources. If you happen to know the name of a species I failed to identify, I'll be glad to hear from you. I can use all the help I can get!
• Inaccurate information

The information about the animals, plants and fungi on this site is largely based on my own observations and experience. Naturally, I also make extensive use of the Internet and traditional fauna, flora and mushroom guides. How reliable are these sources? The fact is that all too often I encounter the exact same flaws and inaccuracies, indiscriminately copied and usually without acknowledging the source.

In our copy-and-paste era, it is hard to separate the wheat from the chaff. But hasn't that always been the case? Take a good look at some old and less old insect guides by different authors, and you'll soon be convinced that plagiarism is nothing new. In modern guides, on the other hand, I frequently happen upon entire paragraphs plucked from the Internet, including spelling errors and other, less harmless mistakes.

On 37 Heuvelstraat, at the bottom of every introduction and every completed page about a species, you will find a comprehensive reference list. What more can I do? No matter how careful I select my sources, I cannot guarantee all information is accurate and up-to-date. If you come across anything that is dubious, superseded or simply false, don't hesitate to let me know. Thanks!
• Order

In principle, it is always possible to use the photos on this site for print or digital publications. They do, however, remain my property. In other words: You can buy (or be granted) one-off publishing rights, but I always retain ownership and copyright. I am not available for commissioned photography and don't use fixed rates. A lot depends on the publication involved. Please remember professional photographers today struggle to make a living by selling or publishing their work. That's the main reason my photos are not freely available.

Text material on this site is not for sale and should not be copied without my permission. But you can, of course, always commission an article or other text. For more information about my professional activities as a freelance writer, editor and translator, click


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